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11G2 Funa Tansu

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Material: Sugi (Cedar)
Age: Middle Meiji period ( 1880's - 1890's)
H: 16.25 inches, W: 13.75 inches, D: 18.00 inches
Price: $1,450.00

Product Description

This is an antique Japanese ship chest called a Funa Tansu or Captain's chest.  Used on a Japanese large merchant boat this chest was used to store the ship's valuables that was usually kept in the captain's quarters.  It was constructed entirely out of Japanese Cypress wood and the iron fittings were all custom made for the piece.

If the ship was ever attacked by pirates, the crew would tie a rope to the handle and throw the chest overboard.  The weight of the contents combined with the bouyancy of the chest would allow it to float just below the water surface for future retrieval after the pirates have long gone.