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12M33 Kyodai / Vanity / SOLD

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Age: Taisho period (1910's-1920's)
H: 24.75 inches, W: 16.50 inches, D: 8.68 inches
Price: $250.00

Sorry but this Antique has been sold. If you are interested in this item, please contact us to find out if we have something similar available. Thank you.

Product Description

This is a traditional vintage Japanese Kyodai, vanity / make-up chest  made of Tamo Ash (Japanese Toneriko) and Kiri (Paulownia) wood. It comes with multiple drawers and you can place it on a tabletop or dresser.  Originally for use in Japan, one would kneel in front of it on a Tatami mat floor. The mirror swivels to adjust the position.

Its age is from the 1920's (Taisho era in Japan) and the condition is very good.