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14L2 Butsudan / SOLD

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Material: Wood
Age: Early Showa period (1920s-1940's)
H: 35.50 inches, W: 19.50 inches, D: 15.00 inches
Price: $650.00

Sorry but this Antique has been sold. If you are interested in this item, please contact us to find out if we have something similar available. Thank you.

Product Description

This is an old and beautiful 3 section Japanese Butsudan (literal meaning, "Buddha altar" or "House of Buddha").  It is an altar that is often found in temples and homes in Japan. 

The Butsudan is a wooden cabinet with doors that enclose and protect a Gohonzon or other Buddhist icons, typically a statue or painting of a Buddha or scroll. The doors are opened to display the icon during religious observances and closed before sunset.