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17A144 Kogo Incense Container / Zodiac Blue and White

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Material: Pottery
Age: Late Showa period (1940's-present)
H: 1.13 inches, W: 2.13 inches, D: 2.50 inches
Price: $80.00

Product Description

This is an authentic modern Japanese Kogo, incense container that is one of the tea ceremony utensils. 

This is Kyo-yaki (Kiyomizu - Yaki), Sometsuke Junishi Rokkaku made by Shokoku Kano. 

A small lidded container for the incense that is added to the charcoal fire during the charcoal-laying procedure. For the kneaded incense (Neriko) that is used in a sunken hearth (Ro), the container is generally made of ceramic. For the chips of incense wood (koboku) used in a portable brazier (furo), it is generally made of lacquer ware or plain wood. There are also incense containers made of clam shells. This Kogo is made of pottery shaped in hexagon with zodiac wirings.  It comes in an original signed wooden box and the bottom of Kogo has a stamp on the bottom. It seems never been used. 

It measures that W 5.5, D 6, H 2.5 cm (W 2.125, D 2.5, H 1.125 inches)