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17A163-2 Buddhist Altar Desk

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Material: Wood
Age: Early Showa period (1920s-1940's)
H: 12.00 inches, W: 17.00 inches, D: 10.00 inches
Price: $450.00

Product Description

This is a vintage Japanese buddhist altar table /desk called Kyo Tsukue. Kyo Tsukue is originally used to place Okyo, sutra but it is used to place buddhist accessories such as candle stands, Rin bell, Koro incense burner, etc. Both ends are raised nicely to prevent brushes and rolled sutra from falling. The panel in the middle has nice design called Kozama which is like clouds and this designs are often used in traditional Japanese architecture. There are some dents, scratches and splits. 

It has stunning gold color and detailed metals. It will be a great stand ad home decor.

It measures that W 42.5, D 25.5, H 30 cm (W 17, D10, H 12 inches)