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17A197 Silver Bira Bira Kanzashi

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Material: Silver
Age: Taisho period (1910's-1920's)
H: 1.75 inches, W: 3.50 inches, D: 6.50 inches
Price: $300.00

Product Description

This is a vintage Japanese silver Bira Bira Kanzashi, hair pin. 

It is decorated with crane and Ise Bri, spiny lobster and 2 dangling pieces have Japanese pine tree and sakura cherry blossom and other one has bamboo and cherry blossom decorations on top.

Kanzashi became very ornate from mid. Edo period and depends on women's age, single or married, occupations, there were certain hairstyles. Because of many hairstyles, various types and materials of Kanzashi were made. This pair of Kanzashi have the traditional auspicious motifs probably used for wedding. They are made of silver and plated on mixed metals.

Because of material and age, they are rustic. This is the height without dangling pieces.

It measures that W 10, D 17, H 5 cm (W 3.5, D 6.5, H 1.75 inches)