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17A198 Comb and Hair Pin Set

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Material: Plastic
Age: Early Showa period (1920s-1940's)
H: 0.13 inches, W: 3.88 inches, D: 2.38 inches
Price: $200.00

Product Description

This is a vintage Japanese set of hair ornaments, Kougai, (Stick) and Kushi (Comb).

Kougai are made of various materials and this Kougai and Kushi are made of plastic and other materials.  This kind of Kougai is called Bo-Kougai(stick Kougai) and comes apart from the center. Comb and stick are decorated with beautiful flowers with incredibly detailed Raden, mother-of-pearls. 

It comes in an original case. Comb area has some wear.

*This is the size of comb. 

It measures that W 10, D 6 H 0.25 cm (W 3.875, D 2.375, H 0.125 inches)