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17A204 Buddhist Altar Lantern Pair

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Material: Metal
Age: Late Showa period (1940's-present)
H: 5.00 inches, W: 5.25 inches, D: 5.25 inches
Price: $150.00

Product Description

This is an authentic pair of Japanese hanging lantern called Tsui Toro made of gold-plating. They are displayed in the Butsudan, household Buddhist altar. They used to have light bulbs inside. 

From the top of the roof to the bottom of the lantern is decorated in full details, great home decor. 

Some writings on the roof and papers on the windows come off (It may look nice without papers).

It measures that W 13.5, D 13.5 , H 16 cm (W 5.25, D 5.25 , H 6 inches)