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17A212 Shishsi Gashira Lion Head

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Material: Wood
Age: Late Showa period (1940's-present)
H: 12.00 inches, W: 10.00 inches, D: 9.50 inches
Price: $380.00

Product Description

This is a wooden traditional Japanese gold Shishi Gashira, lion head made by Nanbu Yoshihide from Toyama prefecture from mid.1900s. 

Shishi Gashira is used during Shishi Mai, lion dancing wearing on the head to pray for a rick harvest and expel evil sprits so Shishi Gashira is displayed at Tokonoma, alcove for good luck meaning at home.

Shishi Gashira made nicely like a real , the mouth opens nicely because Shishi bites children during Shishi mai so children can live healthy.

There is a slight split around the teeth.

It comes in an original wooden box.

It measures that W 25, D 24, H 32 cm (W 10, D 9.5, H 12 inches)