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17A230 Sewing Box with Kamakura Carving / Haribako

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Material: Lacquered Wood
Age: Late Showa period (1940's-present)
H: 10.00 inches, W: 12.75 inches, D: 7.75 inches
Price: $380.00

Product Description

This is a vintage Japanese Haribako, sewing box using the famous Japanese craft known as Kamakura Bori.  

Kamakura Bori is a wood carving and lacquer technique developed in the Kamakura area within Kanagawa prefecture. It is made by carving patterns in wood, then lacquering it with layers of red and black colors after which it is polished to a beautiful sheen.

It has additional secret compartment on top and comes with Monosashi, bamboo ruler.

The compact size and combination of drawers makes this piece a great addition to your room. It is good for storing small work items of your accessaries.

It measures that W 33, D 19.5, H 25.5 cm (W 12.75, D 7.75, H 10 inches)