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17A28 Wajima Lacquer Flower Vase for Ikebana

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Material: Lacquered Wood
Age: Late Showa period (1940's-present)
H: 6.70 inches, W: 7.48 inches, D: 7.48 inches
Price: $350.00

Product Description

This is a modern Washima Urushi Nuri,wooden lacquer Kaki, flower vase. Wajima is a region in Ishikawa prefecture where produces the one of the most famous lacquerware in Japan. It is decorated with beautiful Makie which is written Tsuta Makie, ivy makie on the box.

There is a slight split on the corner and lower part is discolored. It comes in an original wooden box. 

It measures that W 19, D 19, H 17 cm (W 7.48, D 7.48, H 6.7 inches)