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17A39 Oribe Fan Shape Plate / Bowl

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Material: Pottery
Age: Late Showa period (1940's-present)
H: 2.36 inches, W: 11.81 inches, D: 9.85 inches
Price: $250.00

Product Description

This is an authentic Oribe Senmen Bachi, plate in the shape of folding fan made by Kichi Kama, Kichi pottery. Oribe ware is a type of Japanese pottery most identifiable for its use of green copper glaze and bold painted design. It was the first use of colored stoneware glaze by Japanese potters.

It had a stamp, Kichi on the bottom and comes in an original wooden box. 

It measures that W 30, D 25, H 6 cm (W 11.81, D 9.85, H 2.36 inches)