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17A46 Lacquered Kamakura Bori Drawers Box

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Material: Lacquered Wood
Age: Late Showa period (1940's-present)
H: 11.02 inches, W: 15.55 inches, D: 9.85 inches
Price: $380.00

Product Description

This is an authentic Japanese Urusrhi Kobako, small box with drawers. It is made of lacquer Kamakura Bori carving.

Kamakura Bori is a type of lacquer ware made in Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture. The carving is Zakuro, pomegranate which symbolizes fertility because there are many seeds.

It is good for storing small work items of your accessories. There are some stains and chips.

It measures that W 39.5, D 25, H 28 cm (W 15.55, D 9.85, H 11.02 inches)