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17A59 Lacquered Takatsuki Stand A Pair Dragon Motif

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Material: Lacquered Wood
Age: Late Meiji period (1890's-1910's)
H: 8.46 inches, W: 3.25 inches, D: 3.25 inches
Price: $2,000.00

Product Description

This is a vintage Japanese pair of Taka Tsuki, wooden lacquered stand with Makie of dragon.

This special lacquer is called Kuro Roiro. Urushi lacquer has usually final coat called Nuri Tate which is carefully applied with brush, bur Roiro is black lacquer requires more polishing so the surface becomes like a mirror. Takatsuki is used to serve Japanese sweets for special occasions. 

The dragon is beautifully drawn by hand with Kirigane technique. It comes in an original wooden box.

The legs has slight patina? like dots. 

It measures that W 8.25, D 8.25, H 21.5 cm (W 3.25, D 3.25 , H 8.46 inches)