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17A70 Tetsubin Iron Kettle for Tea Ceremony

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Material: Iron
Age: Late Showa period (1940's-present)
H: 7.48 inches, W: 6.88 inches, D: 6.29 inches
Price: $400.00

Product Description

This is an authentic modern Japanese Tetsubin, Iron kettle. The lid is made of bronze and Gin Zogan, silver inlay on the handle. The lid has done in Murashi Do technique which finished using a centuries old murashido red oil technique- the vase is dipped in hot oil to give it a beautiful swirling patina affect.

It has never been used. 

It measures that W 17.5, D 16, H 19 cm (W 6.88, D 6.29, H 7.48 inches)