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17A93 Lacquered Hibachi Brazier w/Makie Flower

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Material: Lacquered Wood
Age: Early Showa period (1920s-1940's)
H: 10.50 inches, W: 18.00 inches, D: 18.00 inches
Price: $1,800.00

Product Description

This is a vintage Japanese Urushi hibachi, lacquer brazier with Makie of Aki Kusa, autumn flowers.

Originally, this container to hold burning charcoal was used as a heating device for the Japanese home.

Today, this very attractive object is ideal for a display of curios in your house or use as a planter. 

There are some scratches. 

It measures that W 45.72, D 45.72, H 26.67 cm (W 18, D 18, H 10.5 inches)