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8M225-1 Garden Tanuki Edo Bori Style

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Material: Stone
Age: Showa 40 (1965)
H: 34.25 inches, W: 14.75 inches, D: 15.00 inches
RRP: $1,450.00
Your Price: $1,015.00 (You save $435.00)

Product Description

This is an antique Japanese Tanuki (Badger Dog) statue hand carved from solid granite stone dated Showa 40 (1965) given us a gift to celebrate 60th birthday known as Kaneki . Shown wearing its hat for protection from the sun, it is carrying a sake bottle in its right hand and instead of a creditor's ledger book in its left hand, he carry a book with the Kanji ' Kotobuki " congratulation.

Known as a good luck symbol in Japan, these creatures are also known to be shape shifters.  Many funny antics and scenarios occur due to the predicaments that abound from their ability to change forms at will.

These statues which are typically made from pottery stand at the entrance of Japanese pubs or bars to greet the patrons as they enter and bid adieu when they leave.  They also act as a lucky charm by drawing in customers which leads to an increase in business sales.

Stone Tanuki statues are not often seen in Japan making this somewhat rare.