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Kiku Imports is proud to share just a few examples of our tansu and antique furniture pieces utilized by top interior designers like Audrey Brandt, John Wheatman and more. Our unique Japanese furniture and antiques provide an excellent combination of a modern look with classic Japan's simplicity. Feel free to ask us for Japanese design tips or suggestions for local interior designers in the Bay Area!

Our pieces are also available as display pieces for Realtors, Museums, or special events. Just call or email us to ask about leasing some of our Japanese Antiques!

Japanese Design SF

Japanese Design in San Francisco

Examples of Japanese Designed Homes in SF

Audrey Brandt














Photos utilizing many of Kiku Imports' antiques courtesy of:

John Wheatman & Associates

Audrey Brandt Interiors 

Kiku Imports Tansu and Furniture store